Ариох (the_arioch) wrote,


Let me ask
If just for a while
Sorrow mine
You leave me behind
Darker cloud-like
You cross a-far to my home dear,
From here to my home dear

Coast mine
Show up in a far
By an edge
By a thinner line
Coast mine,
Tender coast mine,
Oh, if I'd swim to reach you, dear,
To reach you, just maybe somewhen

Somewhere a far, so much a far,
There're pouring soft summer rains,
In a garden small, down the riverside,
There cherry branches, almost sweeping the soil.
Somewhere a far, in my memories,
Now like in childhood is warm,
Despite those memories
Hidden with so thick snows are.

You the storm,
Throw me drops to drink,
To get drunk,
Yet not to get dead.
Time again,
like be time this last,
I just keep gazing into heavens,
Like answers could there be given...

Let me ask
If just for a while...

Also: https://the-arioch.livejournal.com/80598.html
Tags: english, лытдыбр

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