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22 January 2028 @ 10:13 pm
Коментарии (если кому вдруг надо) скрыты.
Was asked by my penmate to comment upon this public address https://youtu.be/pLef6CGVoWU

Since I am not very fluent with spoken English, want to quote what I am commenting upon, and do not went to spend time listening all those "oooh"s and "ehms" of a person thinking about her topic deep inside the speech, i'd use the subtitles.
She seem to have slow and articulate pronunciation, so I hope Google Voice Recognition did a good job.
So my source would be DownSub

how stupid do you have to be to not acknowledge the self refuting aspect
of the existence of this (#resistCapitalism) hashtag, you're using Twitter a publicly traded company offer of your smartphone which she
bought at the Apple store

So this highly logical lecture starts with non-sequitur and ironically a false one.
1. Indeed, this hashtag is spinning round the internet. But what is internet? Internet is USArmy military network built to work during then-expected nuclear war with USSR. Internet was born due to USArmy's need to counter USSR. Indeed, after that was achieved USA found commercial civil application to this military technology - and they always were pretty good at closing gaps between military and civil technologies. Though the shortcomings are still evident. Virus epidemics, DNS poisoning, Sender IP spoofing, DNS-reflection-multiplies DDoS... those weaknesses come from the initial design where everyone trust everyone and that lets to cut corners and make net operations faster and cheaper (on resources). Because, well, that is a military network in the middle of nuclear war. There is no resources to spend upon expensive cross-checking of some script-kiddie having fun among the mushrooms. If someone would exploit military vulnerabilities during the war, well, his life would not be very long from that point. Coming back from the history book, the very internet was born as the par of military confrontation between commies and cappies. It is tainted by red. Swallow it.
2. Mentioning iPhones is even better. Because they are built in that commie china on Hon Hai Industries plants. Yep, if you use any smartphone today - you use a commie-made product. Swallow it. And never post anything pro-western or pro-capitalism from iPhones.

3. But actually that point is plainly stupid. It is kind of saying that people of USA's best friend Saudi Arabia should be happy about women having zero rights to medical care and everyone having zero rights to speak bitter about Islam and Royal Family. Do it - and say good-bye to your head. UN Human Rights supervisors would just axe it off. And rightfully so, because you, Saudi citizen, was badmouthing Wahhabism and the King standing on the road build by the King and wearing robes given by the King and grown upon the food given by the King, so how you dare to criticize him?

No, robes and meals are not offtopic: one more quote - "...whole foods and you sit in your room and there's a full cause it off clothes...". Exactly the same logic was used by this pretty smartie about Apple and Twitter. Since they are monopolists you have to approve upon everything that made them monopolists, or be marginalized away. Makes sense.

But well, those very person who though to be first capitalists in 16th century UK, they, kind of, having no smartphones they used books printed by feudalism, having no Twitter they lived and communicated in houses build by feudalism, were protected and offended by feudal governments, and so forth. By this smartie logic capitalism should never be invented, cause it was invented using tools provided by pre-capitalism social structures.

Good start for a terrific eyes opener.

this hashtag so offensive to me I am so emotionally crippled by its existence that I couldn't be bothered to do my hair

Uh-oh. Being emotionally unstable is not a good mood to talk about controversial topics. And definitely not a mood to lecture anyone.
Typical advices could be to "step away, take 100 deep breaths, and then try making one's point again". Or to put it down the sheet of paper, then re-read it, blush, hide it from everyone and start anew. Well, this suggestion did not make it in time anyway.

But really... I understand,- https://xkcd.com/386/ - and I am exactly there this very moment. But why to take it so personal that it makes you incoherent and unstable???

my family lived through socialism we moved to a country that has capitalism because it was so awful

Here we sadly have it. Typical.
The family got their wet dreams within Hollywood fantasies (without realizing they were just that, fantasies to make people relax and forget daily troubles) they considered but a binding contract. Then they abandoned all they had, and moved to start with being street cleaners, not Scrooge McDuck wingmen. Not everyone do so, but many enough that "whining emigrant" became stereotypical.

Would Isaak Asimov rant about Russian Empire or USSR being pathetic? Why? His family integrated perfectly, he became very successful, he does not have to chase his doubt-inspired nightmares and prove to everyone (and to himself mostly) his parent made a good choice. Nor would Sikorsky do it. They replanted themselves. Their families became Russian no more. They are not attached to their past and would not rant about it, they have more interesting things in their new American lives.

But those who scraped it all to chase Hollywood fantasies and only after that realizing those were not filmed offers, they find themselves between two fires. They can not go back - that would be admitting their naïve choice, and they usually burned the bridges and have nowhere to return to. But they deep inside are not satisfied with their new lives as well, that makes them look back, at their past, and keep decrying it over and over. Just to hush their own internal voices, their own doubts, their own disillusioning.

If you think I just pulled this stereotype out of thin air, there is one of many articles about it.
http://www.translate.ru -> http://www.rg.ru/2015/11/26/grishkovez-site.html // PS. Google Translate works significantly worse

...and even after the Soviet Union collapsed was still awful because of seventy years of collectivist thought the totally tainted any kind of progress

That is ironic. "Burden of tsarist legacy" - "тяжкое наследие царизма" - was a sardonic meme, used by anti-sovietists to mock any attempt to explain hardships of USSR in 1930-s by the turmoil of 1914-1922. They said after Soviet Government took power, they had no moral rights to nod at prior governments. They from now on were the only persons responsible for all the failures. That point is controversial, but it has a grain of salt.

Then those very people now invent "burden of communist legacy". They explain all-inclusive collapse under Berezovsky-Yeltsin regime by "seventy years of collectivist thought". Consistency? What even is that???

I had family died because they were overworked

Sad. But in Belgian Congo capitalism killed half the population, 10 millions died due to exactly the same reason. So what?

No, you cannot cherry-pick capitalism, then boast about failures of socialism.
Nor the other way around.

Those who speak about socialism failures - and they have all the rights to do so - should be open to speak about capitalism of Belgian Congo as well.

...equality means grow your own crops and hope to god that there isn't an early frost because there is
your entire family starves to death...

Really? Really-really? The described situation is exactly the anti-collectivism laissez faire capitalistic fundamentalism. You eat what you can get. If you can get nothing you can enjoy your personal freedom to eat nothing, while your neighbors, those more fittest, competitive and successful, would eat their own fine crops, that you have no right to wish a share of.

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_People_of_the_Abyss
* http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/lake/hammond/sold-off-siblings-shown-in-old-photo-tell-their-stories/article_1c095598-89f4-584b-891b-7ef48a1e2082.html

In 18th century Russian Empire global famines came approx. every 13 years. It was more often, than 100 years ago. And that was more often than 200 years ago. It was a death spiral, either soil or ability of peasants to cultivate it was dying. In 1920-s famines became yearly. And no, they were not even caused by soil exhaustion. Just oligopoly of food traders in the state devastated by 6 years of war. They were cunning, they quickly realized that if you put peasants into debt slavery - you can take their crops for nothing, then withhold the food until late winter, and when cities would start starving to the edge of death you can happily blackmail then and demand fortunes to be paid into their individual pockets. What was there said about capitalism and 300% profit?

So what bloody commies did? They forced peasants to merge into Joint Stock companies, kolkhozes.
Cruel and forceful? Yes. But it finished the global famines. After several centuries of recurring nation-wide famines - they ceased to come. That is the pro-collectivism approach. Collective survival is the ultimate aim. If the distribution system based upon individual's profits endanger nation survival - the system would be changed.

"Let justice be done though the heavens fall." - but only after public - via the government - change those laws. New laws would punish individuals and force peasants into JSCs - but now they are laws nonetheless. "Let justice be done though the heavens fall."

That is what collectivism is about. It is not about "your entire family starves to death", it is about your family giving away its chances at becoming millionaires (were there any?) and gaining warranties against starving I return. Collective survival above everything else.

But where can wee see that very "equality means grow your own crops and hope to god" ? In USA, in those same 1930-s.
Banks put farmers into debt slavery, then pulled the soil from out their feet and threw them out dry, jobless and homeless.
Actually, about half of the photos attributed in WWW to infamous Holodomor are taken in contemporary USA.

Matching equality with "grow your own crops"
Collectivism as in USSR of 1930-sIndividualism as in USA of 1930-s
GoalEquality: suppression of diversity,
Maximum survival of poorest - they are part of the society,
No one cares if rich ones loose their property - they are outcasts
Diversity: decrying of equality
No one cares if poorest loose their lives - they are outcasts
Maximum individual success for fittest to seize opportunities at all costs
Debt slavery of individual peasants/farmersDecried. In the end destroyed from above by reshaping of all the rural society.Considered normal. Destroyed from below by elimination of millions of less than fittest farmers
Land and household propertiesHouseholds retained by peasant families. Lands are forcefully exchanged for shares in JSCs create of those lands.Both households and lands extorted to the benefit of debt collectors
Food prices, state-wideLimited from above. State moderated exchange of food for machines, eliminating price spikes of both.
Limited from below. State sought to keep food prices high by destroying food that could be sold with discount.
Public food safetyAccess to basic raw food was maximized. Debt-and-food traders were suppressed. Market was mostly suppressed (after ten years of attempts to fit into it). Just like exchanges are halted during stock panics. Facing total shortage "manual" dispatching of available batched was implemented instead. This spread the hunger by "thin layer". Everyone feel light hunger but everyone feel LIGHT hunger.Access to basic raw food was minimized. Food was intentionally destroyed to prevent its consumption by millions of starving losers. They were not fittest, so deserved it.

What option is ideal? None. It is a question of "choosing your poison". But to do the informed choice one has to start with calling cat a cat. One should not misname individualism as collectivism and then decry the latter for being too like the former.

Then, if elimination of food market in early USSR was an emergent mode, like halting exchanges, and if it succeeded with fixing shortage causing the emergency, why wasn't it reverted later? Personally I attribute it to WW2 emergency first and ignorant idiot Khrushchev second. Stalin was pragmatic, maybe opportunist, he sought to find place for both state-owned and private-owned companies, sought to have cats that catch mice no matter what color they are. Khrushchev was die-hard dogmatist, first you paint all cats red, and then you think how to make them catch those mice. So he destroyed most of non-state entities and those joint-stock kolkhozes were subdued to strict government control, basically making their JSC origins non-existing. And if everything is controlled by government - then there is no point to have market. You just do not need market to negotiate something with yourself.

From there USSR mutated to its specific tri-currency economics. When both getting cash salary and buying food for that cash were by essence currency exchange acts. It was a strange model, but internally consistent. However it required strict government approved limits to that exchange, high dams between three currency oceans, so there would not be strong current blowing financial bubbles and those currencies could be kept intentionally under- and over-valued as saw fit. This prohibited the every idea of free management of anyhow large capital and free negotiation of prices. When Gorbachev blow those dams and merged three oceans into one "freely-convertible" ruble the model collapsed.

if you were really unlucky you weren't even allowed to plant seeds the correct way

I'm USA today "if you are really unlucky" you not only are not allowed to seed the plants, you are not even allowed to water your plants with collected rain. Even the sky above your household belong to anyone else not you and you would be punished just for putting open barrel under the everyone's free rain.

Contrary, in USSR of late 1980-s next to everyone could squat some earth and grow something there. More so, being a school-boy I used to enter groceries (state-run of course) in mid-sized towns out of curiosity, I could not understood why do they exists. After seeing what remains that were on sale there I could only think they are run for desperate losers.
OTOH you should understand that Crimea is about as Southern as Canada/USA borderline. So Moscow is at about the middle of Canada, to roughly estimate climate in that most populated stripe of Russia. And if you think that for a kid it was fun to spent most of September noons shoveling potato from clay under cold rain, you would be wrong. That was "chose your poison" again.

most people died
If USSR governments were slavers and citizens were slaves, their property - why would they kill "most" of their property?
Look around your house, would you destroy half of you property just for the fun of it ?

See, here were come to the good old doublethink, when you have to believe two mutually exclusive branches of russophobic propaganda.
Whatever makes you feel more lucky, though.

In the infamous 1937/1938 total number of all convinced criminals maxed at about 2 millions, 1% of total population.
How many Americans sit in jail today?

i just immigrated to Canada and people like putting up the hammer and sickle flag on their lockers
Everyone likes exotics. Everyone likes forbidden fruit.
It is no more special than stripes and banners everywhere in USSR during Perestroika.

gee what if I put up a swastika on my locker I think it would be wholly reprimanded

Ah... I almost thought she would try and see or at least ask to learn official place policy.
She did not, but now she can "think". And present that hypotheses for hard argument.

what's the difference the Nazi Party's the National Socialist German Workers Party

Huh ? Is it google fault or was she too busy to went out just to bother finishing a sentence ???

Okay, okay, let's not be hasty to judge her. The smartie would just inhale and lecture us why Nazi symbolics were hated so much. She is coherent and if she brought that topic, then she would explain her ideas on it, right?

She won't just be a futile exercise at Godwin's law, would she ?


that romanticize a socialist ideas

Well, she would. All her venting out about swastika was as reflective as skunk odorizing...
There was no reflection upon anything. Merely an instinct to suppress unpleasant thoughts of her own.

and it's like the person who is sick of working or is on welfare

And here we meet the doublethink again.
Socialism is said to enslave people and make them "die because they
were overworked", but those who want it are "sick of working" and lazy.
My, my...

or got screwed over by capitalism or whose parents are down and under because they worked hard their whole lives and it never paid off

So if you got screwed by something and your parents were screwed too, and that is consistent pattern, then searching for some better provider is not a pragmatic option, but "romanticizing".

You know, next step would be to say if your employee does no more pay you any decent salary you should never "romanticize" about searching for a better job, but wear your ball and chain forever. Just because.

you're still better off under a capitalist system

Just because life in defeated post-USSR ruins was worse than life in contributions extorting winner of USA.

Well, would I cherry-pick examples I would easily find pairs where life under capitalism is much worse than under socialism or even feudalism. And then would pretend it a global one-size-fits-all rule.

I squatted in England and Spain and in america and you eat very well

Sorry, WHAT ???
May I just hear it again?

I squatted in England and Spain and in america and you eat very well

...so should we say UK and Spain are ruled by evil commies today?
Just because they live not so well as America does?
It should be because America is capitalist state and Spain and UK are socialist ones, this is afterall the very topic of this rant!

...Or should we finally come to senses and admit, that relative prosperity of Americans is not about being capitalism vs socialism, that all is about being USA vs the world?

from my dumpster diving you can eat unopened expired food and it's pretty good

Yeah, after USSR collapsed many people had to sieve through dumpsters for food.
Today in USA-governed EuroUkraine many people fallen back to this "harvesting" yet again.

But no one even THOUGHT that having to dive into dumpster manifests your prosperity.

Well, whatever makes you feel lucky, dear.

there's abandoned buildings everywhere you can
always find somewhere to have a roof
over your head not to mention all the
charities and shelters that are
available to you you're not gonna die of
thirst now going to any public bathroom
or any McDonalds and any capital the
successful business will give you a cup
of water


There was an old joke about 1917.
A grand-daughter of a Decembrist asks about the turmoil.

- Where are you all going?
- We gonna overthrow the Tsar!
- So charming! My grandpa tried to overthrow the tzar too! And what you plan to do next?
- We would make so there would be no rich ones!
- So strange! My grandpa wanted to make so there would be no poor ones...

No, truly, isn't it precious?
Capitalism proponent now preaches how good it is to be homeless in USA.

Well, would she try to spend winter homeless in the middle of Canada before trying to make people think surviving homeless is something normal and worth considering?

i'm sorry sir we run out of rations this month but the party wishes you good luck

So much about being coherent....

"The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, provides food-purchasing assistance for low- and no-income people living in the U.S. It is a federal aid program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, under the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), though benefits are distributed by each U.S. state's Division of Social Services or Children and Family Services. SNAP benefits cost $74.1 billion in fiscal year 2014 and supplied roughly 46.5 million Americans with an average of $125.35 for each person per month in food assistance."

Here we go, 15% of USA citizens live by "party rations this month" and the world sustaining their citizens without food stamps should feel envy.

Whatever feels you more lucky, pretty.

products of capitalism people can't write shit about iPhones and Starbucks

Did we just made a full circle and started with the former non-sequitur yet again?
Joke repeated twice became twice more funny???

I had family died under this regime
Yes, we did.
Okay, ask HALF the population of Belgian Congo killed by capitalism, what would be their opinion, I wonder, I wonder?

if she was a real marxists unless she wouldn't be painting her nails and posting pictures of it on Instagram should be

Please, don't ever tell her who was Friedrich Engels - she'd have a heart attack!

plowing her a plot of land for potatoes

WUT ??? Plowing potato???

She knows about potato just as much as about Marxism, it seems.

Wait... What potato? What damn potato she means ???

Is it maybe that very potato most urban citizens in late USSR grown in their personal squatted lands ?
So she knew?
She knew bloody commies did grow their own organic food en masse and so nothing strange in that?

Then why did she tried to frighten as with "most people died" after "planting seeds not in the spirit of the socialist party" ???

Doublethink yet again?

I know there's we really have crony capitalism, corporatism today, and it can definitely be improved

But socialism can not. Period.

In free world it is prohibited to measure capitalism and socialism with the same meter.

capitalism is responsible for most of them very good things that we have today and by good I mean things that make people's life
easier things that prolonged lifespans

Like iPhone, Starbucks, abandoned houses and all those fancy things happy homeless ones enjoy.
Was there something important in the rant above I missed ?

like infrastructure things
The ones built by Stalin twice in a state twice totally devastated by total war? Measure how far Stalingrad/Volgograd was from the western USSR borderline. Divide by two and draw the same width band from your both ocean shores. Imagine in those bands USA lost all population and production except for those you managed to evacuate into internal states in first 6 months. Then after you won the total war the infrastructure there is mostly destroyed. And 10% of population perished. Of those who did not, many men lost their health if not limbs. Now talk about infrastructure and reconstruction.

Or maybe the ones being built in China right now ?

Or maybe those famous autobahns built by Hitler ?

Or maybe those highways built by millions homeless jobless staving American ex-farmers, stripped of their lands and households and thrown into Roosevelt's labor camps to work for $5 a day? http://www.ccclegacy.org/Camp_Roosevelt_68B9.php

neither is money or financial incentives and anyone who thinks that socialism is the better way to go

Today I learned that socialism prohibits money and finances.
I learned it from a very practical smartie, who also enlighten my head "up in the clouds with the rest of my fantasies" about plowing potato.
Now I know what I came on Earth for.

no more agents from the soviet union would travel to America and steal manuals from store so that they can price things out properly back in the homeland

WHAT ???
Stealing MANUALS to learn THE PRICES ???
This lecturing marvel, did she in her whole life saw at least a single manual ???

And truly, why "soviet agents" should ever set Soviet prices to mimic American ones, given that infrastructure costs, pricesand demands in USSR and USA were cardinally different?

And if they needed, could not they just come to Wall-Mart of the time being and purchase a pricelist? Really, would you think Wall-Mart pricelist is such a super state secret that it could not be legally purchased ???

Well, talking about mythical "Soviet agents stealing manuals" reminds me of real American agents.

* http://www.theguardian.com/world/2001/may/29/qanda.janeperrone
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8QKj4K8Ko4

Ooops, in reality it turns out both military and civil industry of USA is based upon stealing know-hows and commercial secrets from the rest of the world. As soon as the world learnt it at threw American agents out - American economy went into decline.

But truly, who needs reality when you can assign and lecture cloudcuckoolanders instead?

my point is it doesn't work economically
...because USSR - one of many implementation attempts - failed.

Well, you know, capitalism does not work too. Look at China. A shithole and a capitalistic state in the first half of XX century and a steady growth into world #1 economy under Communist Party.
By the example of failed capitalist China following in your steps I proclaim that capitalism "it doesn't work economically".

so I am capitalist and I like being
compensated for my time and efforts so
if you like this video or any of my
other work please donate

...and here I burst in laughter.

Capitalism is about bargaining before signing a contract to do something needed, and about fulfilling that contract later.
Now you supplied some video there was no demand for and want it to be paid for.
That is so anti-market on so many levels!

your donations allow me to have more leisure time during which I can create more content

So we are clear here, this video was not work.
So this pretty actress wants to be paid to avoid attending work.
Again, she does not like to work for her bucks, so she hopes to be paid for her leisure time.
And she fills that leisure time by rants against "persons who are sick of working or are on welfare".
She saves the world so obsessively that she does not even have time for a little hairdo.
But in the end... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcXMhwF4EtQ

Украинские авиастроители из концерна "Антонов" решили остаться вне политики. Они приняли соломоново решение: завершить конкурс на народное название для военно-транспортного самолета Ан-178. Решено не называть самолет именем идеолога украинского национализма Степаны Бандеры. Победители конкурса будут, тем не менее, награждены брендированными моделями нового самолета.

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.....Еще проще – Европу поимели до полной потери политической самостоятельности. В ответ на любой взбрык теперь немедленно прилетит ответка с неплатежами по долгам от той же Греции, Португалии, Испании, Италии и далее по списку. А обрушение долгового рынка Европы, это не Украина. Та уже почти совсем исчезла с экономической карты мира, а мир того даже не заметил. Долги Европы это существенная часть мировой финансовой системы. Стоит чихнуть, говорить «будь здоров» будет уже некому.....

Read more...Collapse )
Там, где появляется халява, там неминуемо появляется фашизм. Усугублю: халява  - это необходимое и достаточное условие воспроизводства фашизма, независимо от территории, вероисповедания и традиций населения.

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03 December 2015 @ 03:39 pm
Оригинал взят у the_arioch в Путин слил пропаганду!
Совокупное число просмотров видео RT на YouTube превысило 3 млрд, в то время как на аккаунты телеканала подписались уже более 3 млн человек. По этим показателям RT сохранил безоговорочное лидерство среди новостных телеканалов в мире.


По количеству просмотров всех языковых аккаунтов на YouTube телеканал RT более чем в 2 раза опередил CNN, более чем в 3 раза — Euronews и более чем в 10 раз — BBC.

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02 December 2015 @ 04:47 pm
Оригинал взят у pavel_shipilin в Игра на правах человека
Франция по-тихому отменила права человека. То есть, в связи с чрезвычайной ситуацией, связанной с борьбой против террористов, приостановила действии Европейской конвенции и лишила своих граждан возможности подавать в Страсбургский суд. Read more...Collapse )
Оригинал взят у midsammer в Раз пошла такая пьянка.. Японцы о русских
Фрагмент японской манги о России...я плакала над выделенными фразами...

Русские не любят работать. Работают они только с девяти утра до пяти вечера, а отпуск у них длится аж четыре недели.
В промежутках между отпусками русские уходят в отпуска по болезни. Read more...Collapse )